Manufacturing Job Role


Our job is not only to place candidates in the right role, but to provide all the information possible on the different types of employment available to you so you choose the right career. Although contract work is available all year round, you may find in busy periods, around certain seasons and during special projects, work is more in demand.

There are plenty of reasons why interim and contract work is beneficial:

Depending on the contract position, you can pick and choose what assignments you would like to get involved in and what location is best for you. Whether you’re a parent, a recent graduate or a freelancer, essentially you can tailor your career to yours needs, career aspirations and schedule!

Financial perks
Due to the flux in work and uncertainty in hours, interim and contract workers often get paid higher rates with opportunities for paid overtime. Contractors also have the benefit of weekly pay rather than monthly pay, meaning you receive more regular payments for your work.

Variety in the job
If you’re the type of person that doesn’t enjoy the nine to five lifestyle, contract work is a perfect alternative. If you are happy working with different people, perhaps on a daily basis, and enjoy doing a job where no two days are the same – contract work could be the best fit for you.

Opportunity for full-time work
Contract work is a great way to dip your toes in the water to see if you would like to pursue the job full-time and if you would like to work in the industry altogether. Companies often take on candidates on a temporary or contract basis to see if they thrive in the role and to ensure both parties are happy. Then there is a full-time job waiting for you at the end!

Greater independence
Our grandparents’ generation racked up only a handful of job titles in their working life. However, we now live in a society where switching jobs is the norm and reinvention is a rational and healthy career move to gain new opportunities, experience and progression. Contract work is a great way to get yourself out there and determine what you really want in a job!

Obviously contract work doesn’t suit everyone and we know one size doesn’t fit all, so what one person may consider an advantage may seem like a disadvantage for another. If you’re considering contract work we can help. Visit our dedicated client page to discover what vacancies are available.