Crown House Technologies Manufacturing

We are a manufacturing business in Wolverhampton, employing 35 permanent operatives and between 25 to 60 agency operatives.

We recognised the extent of staff time being used to administrate the labour agency, primarily due to 'x' number of recruitment agencies all having different methods of working.

We approached Network Recruitment Partnership with the view of them managing all our agency labour requirements. They prepared a Master Vendor proposal document detailing all the component parts on how this could be done, which included a clear 'open book' statement with charge rates so we, who had the day to day contact with the operative, knew exactly his or her base rate.

Apart from the obvious benefits of saving staff time due to us not receiving 15 or 20 agencies cold calling each week, now they call Network recruitment Partnership. The other major benefit is we have only one consolidated timesheet and invoice to administer.

The decision to engage Network Recruitment Partnership was and indeed is the right decision for our growing business. We are extremely happy how they approached and catered for our needs, maintaining a high degree of professionalism throughout and we look forward to a long and continued working relationship in the future. 

T Martin, Commercial Manager
Crown House Technologies Manufacturing