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Automotive Hybrid Technology


As the population increases, the demand for fossil fuel rises global efforts to reduce the amount we use will drastically change the way we live in the future.

The Transport industry has always been on the government’s hit list with over 1.2 Billion vehicles on the world's roads now and is set to increase to 2 Billion by 2035. The pressure is on car manufacturers worldwide to produce eco friendly vehicles has meant companies are spending millions on Hybrid Projects.

Hybrid Technology is fast becoming the dominant technology for all-purpose road cars, having an advantage over electric vehicles for driving longer distances and other benefits from cheaper road Tax and exemption from the London congestion charge which has become popular with city goers.

Honda has committed to making hybrid technology accessible to all and continues to develop its range of affordable Hybrids on the opposite scale.

Luxury car manufacturers such as BMW and Aston Martin race to take a slice of the cake with high-end vehicles set to be released. In 2013 we saw BMW with its i8 model and now Aston Martin set to bring out 6 to 7 models using Electric and Hybrid technology.

At the 2015 Geneva Motor show, Aston Martin unveiled DBX a two-door 4x4 grand tourer which is hybrid petrol-electric hatchback which oozes style, sophistication and all the gadgets to keep any gadget geek excited for hours. From auto-dimming ‘smart glass, driver and passenger head-up displays, LED exterior lights and cameras replacing the conventional mirror, all this will come at a cost with an estimated price tag of £160,000.

Aston Martin design director Marek Reichman explained: “It's inevitable that emission-free driving will come, and to some customers in the future it will be a requirement”.

Does this mean that driving styles will need to change? As recent research has suggested that economical vehicles will depend on traffic levels, road design and most interestingly, national driving styles.

Will this mean our Driving and theory tests will change to maximise a vehicles performance to use the least amount of energy in a journey?

The extremely technical nature of Hybrids vehicles could mean only specialists will have the ability to fix a problem and the days of pulling up the Hood and Haynes manual soon come to an end.

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