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By Stuart Loveday - Recruitment Consultant, Manufacturing & Supply Chain


The integrity and history of the food that is found in our refrigerator, was recently thrown back into the spotlight with the poultry scandal with a well known poultry processor in the West Midlands.

After the horse meat scandal of 2013, all of the regulatory bodies including the FSA have tightened their procedures and auditing standards for food processing facilities alongside the retailers and other food service and catering businesses that purchase their products.

So was this an isolated example that slipped through the net? Or an example of a wide ranging issue that is rife in the food industry?

For me, it boils down to a question between personal accountability and the influence of company or management policy. If this was to be (hopefully) deemed as an isolated one-off incident then it seems to point at one of two options; an individual who has no respect or thoughts for the welfare of themselves or how their actions affect the end consumer- or a pressurised environment where if there is a lack of conformity to the underhand tactics, then the job security of the individual is put into question.

With the squeeze on finances and with an expensive time of year approaching, it could be argued that this person was following advice from above and ensuring their job was safe. It is therefore the responsibility of both the operations and quality/hygiene team to improve performance and enforce strict protocols in these situations.

What are your thoughts on the matter?

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