Images from MACH 2016


On the 11th and 12th April 2016 we visited MACH 2016, the machines and technologies show. Here are the images that we collected while we were there.


 CfwPPvmW8AA83n1.jpg water jet 1.jpgwaterjet 2.jpgshiny.jpg

CfwZm_zXEAAQqkU.jpgfree charge station.jpgbike pic.jpgcar pixc.jpgf1 car.jpg

landing gear.jpgshiny plane.jpgwater mitsu logo.jpgmetal cup.jpg3d shoes.jpgcake pops.jpg

bloodhound.jpgcoffee.jpgdan and sheena in the tank.jpgextractor.jpgfuture city.jpg

tank.jpgwaterjet props.jpgwaterjet.jpgorn the eagle.jpgdan in the tank.jpgsheena in the tank.jpgdriving exp 2.jpgfinal driving score.jpg


Official MACH 2016 Round up video: 

























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