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National Blueberry Month!


July is national Blueberry month; here at Technical Network we think these special berries deserved a mention in this month. 

Blueberries which were originally grown in Native America are classed as a super food due to their extremely high nutritional value and long list of healthy vitamins and minerals, so understandable they can have a significant impact on your health if consumed regularly. 


Not a big of fan of blueberries...well here are some health benefits of adding blueberries to your diet that may make you think again...:

-       Blueberries have the highest level of antioxidants than any other fresh fruit 

-       They neutralise free radicals helping to prevent premature ageing and due to the high vitamin C content they are great at boosting your immune system. 

-       Help to fight belly fat 

-       Improved brain function and memory, better motor skills 

-       Help to prevent cancer 

-       They lower cholesterol levels so can help with heart disease 

-       Help to prevent urinary tract infections.

-       Help slow the deterioration of vision 

-       They are a low GI food so you can get your fill of your fruit but not consume as much sugar, great for diabetics. 

-       Help to improve the digestive system.


So if this article has made you change your view on blueberries here's how to pick the best blueberries to get the most health benefits.

  • Choose blueberries that are firm and have a lively, uniform hue coloured with a whitish bloom.
  • Shake the container, and see if the berries move around freely or not; if they do not, this may indicate that they are soft and damaged or mouldy.
  • The container should be moisture free otherwise the blueberries will decay easily.
  • When buying frozen berries, shake the bag gently to ensure that the berries move freely and are not clumped together, as it may suggest they have been thawed and refrozen if clumped.


And finally….

Did you know?

Blueberries are the only natural blue coloured food in nature.


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