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Six Satisfiying Sugar Swaps


With dentists calling office ‘cake culture’ out for a contributing to obesity and more and more studies coming out to talk about the hazards of excess sugar consumption, you may think that it’s time to say goodbye to your favourite sugary treats. But fear not! Here at Technical Network we’ve scoured the healthy aisles for six swaps for some of your favourites so you can indulge with less of the guilt.


Chocolate bar - Oh so

You wouldn’t immediately associate live cultures and chocolate, but at ‘Oh-So’ chocolate bars, think you should think a little smaller. Their sensibly portioned delicious bars are filled with over a billion healthy cultures to help contribute to your body’s defences and with no added refined sugars, these bars pack a whole lot of goodness into a small package.

Grouped no reflection_transparent.png

Ice Cream - Oppo ice cream

Oppo is a healthy ice cream made using fresh milk, virgin coconut oil and stevia leaf. Containing 60% less sugar and calories than regular ice cream, Oppo is the only dairy ice cream in the UK that can legally be referred to as healthy.

Choose from the Great Taste award-winning Salted Caramel with a hint of Lucuma, Mint Choc Swirl with a hint of Spirulina and Madagascan Vanilla with a hint of Baobab.

Head to Waitrose, Co-op, Holland & Barrett, Budgens or Whole Foods to pick up a tub.

Indulgence just got healthy.


Millionaires Shortbread - Livia’s Kitchen -

Chocolate, oaty base and gooey date caramel make up Livia’s Kitchen raw millionaire’s shortbread. You don’t have to give up caramel to be healthy as dates make a low sugar alternative that’s still as gooey as it’s sugary counterpart. They are gluten, dairy and refined sugar free, with no additives or preservatives and full of delicious flavour.


Brownies – graze

Pumpkin and beetroot aren’t the first ingredients you’d think of to make brownies but graze’s brilliant food blog has not steered us wrong before and this vegan and gluten free recipe looks to be another winner.

“Top tip: Sprinkling Bobby’s pumpkin brownies with pumpkin seeds adds a deliciously crunchy source of protein and fibre!”


Cookies – Diablo sugar free

With a slogan of ‘No pangs of Regret’ it seems Diablo know all too well the ‘just one chocolate biscuit’ that turns into the whole packet during your afternoon tea break. That’s why they created a sugar, and guilt, free alternative to not only chocolate cookies but to hazelnut chocolate spread and boiled sweets.

Hot chocolate – Sweet Freedom

Surely Liquid chocolate can’t be healthy?! Sweet Freedom thinks it can, their ‘Choc Shot’ is 95% fat free, derived from healthy fruit syrup which keeps it sweet but with no refined sugars and with low GI. Perfect for making hot chocolate or even drizzling on pancakes and breakfast. Also with their cute woodland animal themed packaging it makes them hard to resist on the shelves.


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