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Taking Food to Another Dimension


As you may have seen in our recent newsletters, 3D Printing seems to be the ‘in’ phrase in the manufacturing arena. The capability to create a product from scratch is not only changing the face of engineering, but as we have seen recently it is changing peoples lives - an example being the blind mother who was able to feel the scan of her baby due to this technology.

So what if this ability stretched to the manufacture of food? Could we solve a food crisis by synthetically creating more food?

As a recruiter in the Food industry, this is something that particularly interests me and I am passionate about the advancement of my field and it seems that the first steps down this tentative path have been taken.

As the below article covers there is a machine that can synthetically create a variety of different flavours of sweets. The verdict was that they taste a little artificial (well I guess they are…) but not to the point of being inedible.

This technology has been drifting in and out of the public consciousness for a few years, and it seems that as it stands currently it has the capacity to convert ingredients into generally unhealthy products. However, research is under way to find out how to develop this technology further and how to convert proteins and alternative ingredients into healthier meal solutions.

Unlike 3D Cinemas, it doesn’t seem to be a fad that is going away and it is seen as a genuine next step in the manufacture of Food.

What do you think? Will this take off?


Written by Stuart Loveday - Recruitment Consultant (Manufacturing and Supply Chain)


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