"There is no love sincerer than the love of food” Or is there…

February, being the month of love, here at Technical Network we thought we would relate this to an area that we're pretty clued up on; food.  Being specialist recruiters within this industry it seemed logical to connect the two together.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, the majority of the UK will be taking their loved ones out for a meal or rustling up a special dish at home. So if you are going to be “cooking up a storm” or looking for some guidance on what foods to order, here are a few foods to make the day extra special:

Oysters – Well known to be an aphrodisiac of love, if you can get over the slimy texture, these pricy shellfish are sure to impress and entice.

Chilli peppers – While adding spice to your dishes can be exciting, we recommend not going too crazy with this as it could have the opposite effect.

Asparagus or avocado – These amazing greens aren’t only high in antioxidants but help the body to produce more hormones like testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone.

Bananas – With their high potassium content and B vitamins content, these yellow energy boosters are sure to get your imagination racing.

Chocolate – Apparently chocolate melting in one’s mouth can cause a more intense and longer-lasting pleasure than kissing. You conduct your own research on which one’s better.

Pomegranates – Even though they are annoying to peel, Pomegranates were the symbol of fertility in ancient Persia, clearly this complex fruit has more to offer than you would think.

Celery – Yes, we know it’s a shock, but this unassuming virtually calorie free stick has shown to increase testosterone levels in women.

Watermelon – Bring the bright taste of summer to the cold days, this savvy fruit helps to increase circulation. 

Figs – They have been associated with love and fertility since the dawn of time, so it’s a no brainer really.

Honey – Another ancient food with a wealth of healing properties, studies have also shown that it increases testosterone in the blood.

On a more serious note we do know a fair amount about the food & drink industry and have been recruiting within this area for over 20 years, so if you enjoyed reading this article why not take a look at our latest vacancies and/or candidates who are looking for new challenging roles within Technical, Quality, Operations and Engineering.



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