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Virtual Reality in the Design World


With an ever-growing design and manufacturing industry, the introduction of new design processes is on the rise. An interesting method now used is known as Virtual Reality.

This will give a more in-depth insight into understanding manufacturing processes and the increasing the efficiency of how to produce advanced new products in future generations through machines and humans working together more effectively.

A well known organisation, Lockheed Martin, is at the forefront of a technique which they call ‘Digital Tapestry’ using a more advanced design process. The benefits potentially can be seen through a reduction in time in manufacturing products which in turn leads to a reduction in costs. They have coined their system as ‘Model-Based Engineering’ (MBE), this ensures digital data is maintained from CAD files to production. It means that engineers are able to complete the build of components or even the maintenance tasks through a virtual reality. The long term benefits of this are predicted to be that products are built in virtual reality whereby products can be seen and amended if necessary, without them being produced in real life and then amended, ensuring higher cost effectiveness.

This technique has also been seen to be used in the automotive industry by Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), as they have employed virtual reality techniques, to assist in their production processes. The benefit of this is to give customers an insight into the look of a vehicle and its layout.

Across industries, including the aerospace and automotive sectors, it has been found that the techniques used in virtual reality are all very similar. This in turn means that engineers are developing even more transferable skills through this change in design processes. Overall, the use of new design processes could be quite advantageous in the long term for the design and manufacturing industries.

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