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Waste not, Want not?


Well Christmas arrived, passed in what felt like 4 and a half seconds, and went- and now we're in January, all of us recovering from 2 weeks of over-indulgence and a terrible sedentary lifestyle.

When we look back at the amount we ate and drank- and look down at the stomach to see it still- lying there! - It sends shudders down the spine and encourages us to dust off the gym and start a new diet of Kale and ice water. But something else that should also send a shudder down the spine is the amount of food and drink we waste, and how that resource and money could surely have been spent elsewhere.

Sure, there are the Turkey Sandwiches, Casseroles and Curry’s and we will carve every inch of that bird and put it into a dish- which is great- but what about everything else? Did every mince pie get eaten? Every selection box chocolate consumed? Every carrot donated to Rudolph?

I would bet a fair sum of money that this was not the case. And it’s not just at Christmas that this problem is prevalent.

Stats show that in the UK- we waste 7 Million Tonnes of food every year, this equates to 4% of our total water footprint, or to hit you where it hurts £470 per year for the average family or £700 with a family including 2 children. That is a lot of money, and more importantly a lot of food wasted when there are people in the UK and around the world poor and hungry.

Efforts are being made to increase awareness of the food we waste in the UK. This includes both the food we waste in the supply chain and the waste directly from our homes. The big retailers are trying to reduce waste from cosmetic standards, poor transit and better labelling. In our homes, better understanding of use-by and best-before dates, improved meal planning and the good ol’ freezer can help prolong the life of our food and also save some money in our pocket! This is important to sustain our planet and reduce carbon emissions for future generations.

What are your waste-saving tips? What recipes do you recommend for Christmas?

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