Partnership and Added Value Services


‘Flexible, Short Term and Permanent Solutions’
Our partners can offer a full end to end service throughout the UK. Capable of managing the whole process through attraction, screening, application, on boarding, feedback surgeries and 24-7 availability. They also offer an onsite managed service. They can add value through integrated payroll systems that manage timekeeping, attendance and performance.


‘Understanding Uniqueness in your Processes’
Our partners are all engineers with a manufacturing background so they understand ‘Uniqueness in Your Processes’. Operating for 5 years they have an enviable 100% success rate. Working closely with our clients they have delivered significant benefit to their bottom line allowing them to continue investing in their businesses. Even if you’ve gone through this process it still may be worth exploring and it won’t cost you anything to have a conversation.


‘Maximise your Apprenticeship Levy’
As you know the Apprenticeship Levy was introduced by the Chancellor of the Exchequer 6 April 2017. This a compulsory tax on employers to help fund the development and delivery of apprenticeships, with the aim of improving the quality and quantity of those available.
UK Companies fall into two groups those with a pay bill of over £3 million and those with a lesser pay bill. Either way employers can benefit from the funding. So if you aren’t utilising your apprenticeship levy or need to know what’s available to you get in touch. In turn                                                 if you are utilising your levy but could benefit from some more funding do let us know.


‘Recruitment Campaign or Assessing your Current Team?’
Technical Network are licensed to run and administer Thomas International tests. Commonly, psychometric tests are used to recruit new staff, identify people with the potential to be developed, counsel people who are under-performing, put teams together, provide career advice, coach people, identify stress factors in an organisation, decide on the best organisational or team structure and create incentive programmes that really motivate. Any decisions about people individually or people in groups can benefit from the use of a psychometric test.


‘Significantly reducing your time to hire’
Technical Network stand apart from their competitors offering a comprehensive service that will enable you to shorten your recruitment process by up to 70%. We all know that reviewing CVs can be a timely process as it can be difficult to get key people in the same room at the same time to conduct first interviews. Our service expedites both of these time stealers and enables you to consolidate your recruitment process and let us do all the work from the outset.


‘Market Intelligence, Promotion, PR, Digital and Social Media’
Our partners offer a fully integrated service and have a highly-experienced design, PR, Digital Marketing &
Social media team. They are able to deliver market intelligence reports, PR and Advertising campaigns.